Governor’s Summit Agenda

2018 Governor’s Economic Development Summit
July 12, 2018
The Cornhusker – A Marriott Hotel
333 South 13th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

  1. Invest Nebraska Corporation – Dan Hoffman, CEO (Moderator)
  2. Centese – Evan Luxon, CEO
  3. MatMaCorp – Abe Oomen, CEO
  4. Quantified Ag – Andrew Uden, COO
  5. UNL Bureau of Business Research – Eric Thompson, Director
  1. Ag Track – The Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program (Hawthorne)
    Program staff will describe the mission, vision and culture of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program along with examples of program resources, opportunities and experiences.
    Speakers: David Lambe (Emily Long, Aaron Reruchs, Joseph & Matt Brugger and Grant Suddarth)
  2. Education Track – Overview of Successful Strategies That Can Be Replicated (Arbor 1-2)
    Panel will showcase successes with the Developing Youth Talent Initiative and Fridays @ Northeast.
    Speakers: Bradley Pierce, DED (Moderator); Lyle Kathol, Fridays @ Northeast; Jill Smith, Becton Dickinson; Brian Turner, Behlen Technology & Manufacturing
  3. Housing Track – Rural Workforce Housing Investment Funds Panel (Lancaster 4-5-6)
    Recipients discuss how they will use their recently awarded funds to address their community’s workforce housing shortage.
    Speakers: Senator Matt Williams (Moderator); Garry Clark, Greater Fremont Development Council; Roger Nadrchal, NeighborWorks Northeast Nebraska; Robert Wilson, Hastings Economic Development Corporation.
  4. Talent Track – ReVISION Program (Lancaster 1-2-3)
    Hear how this program provides Nebraska schools with the opportunity to analyze and transform their current career education systems to improve their ability to educate a qualified workforce that meets industry needs.
    Speakers: Katie Graham, NE Dept. of Education (Moderator); Jason Alexander, Ord Schools; Reid Hagstrom, Green Plains Ethanol; Becky Jobman, Gothenburg Health; Michael Teahon, Gothenburg Schools; Erik Wilson, Norfolk Career Academy
11:30am – 12:15pm: Lunch 12:15pm – 1:30pm: Speaker – Administrator Linda McMahon, U.S. Small Business Administration
  1. Ag Track – Precision Agricultural Management (Hawthorne)
    Learn about precision management technology and industry trends that aim to increase water, nutrient and energy efficiency while practicing natural resource conservation.
    Speaker: Lee Addams, CEO CropMetrics
  2. Education Track – Work-Based Learning Panel (Arbor 1-2)
    Learn how work-based learning is being successful in schools and the workplace.
    Speakers: Valentina Obafunwa, DED (Moderator); Tamara Field, CHI; Missy Jabens, Papillion/LaVista Schools; Brandy Thompson, Sutton High School
  3. Housing Track – “Upstairs, Downtown” Housing Opportunities (Lancaster 4-5-6)
    Listen to showcase features of upper story housing projects in Nebraska.
    Speakers: Dave Rippe, DED (Moderator); Ben and Erin Schroeder, Hartington; Amos Anson, Empire Development/FAmos Construction; Cassie Lapaseotes, RCLoft
  4. Talent Track – Attracting and Retaining Talent in Nebraska (Lancaster 1-2-3)
    Success stories from Community leaders who are actively engaged in atTracking and recruiting talent to our state.
    Speakers: Megan McGown, North Platte Area Chamber (Moderator); Jen McKeone, Cozad Development Corporation; Rachel Placzek, Lincoln Partnership; Maggie Vaughan, Hastings Economic Development Corp.
  1. Ag Track – Epigenetic Technology (Hawthorne)
    Epigenetic breeding methods improve plant yields and stress tolerances and are applicable to all plant species. Of particular interest are the important corn, soybean, and wheat crops grown here in Nebraska. Use of this natural biological process to breed crops that produce higher yields and are more stress tolerant.
    Speakers: Justin Raikes, Epicrop Technologies, Inc
  2. Education Track – Apprenticeship Panel (Arbor 1-2)
    Apprenticeships are not dead-ended but have permeability. Nebraska Departments of Education and Labor, Grand Island Public Schools and a Nebraska Company talk about why Apprenticeships work.
    Speakers: Gregg Christensen, NE Dept. of Education (Moderator); Scott Asmus, NE Dept. of Labor; Tyler Bertsch, Behlen Mfg.; Daniel Phillips, Grand Island Career Pathways Institute
  3. Housing Track – Employers Investing in Workforce House Panel (Lancaster 4-5-6)
    Learn different methods some employers are using to invest in their workforce.
    Speakers: Senator Matt Williams (Moderator); Mel McNea, Great Plains Health; Chris Roth, Reinke Manufacturing
  4. Talent Track – Learn How Internships Can Help Your Organization (Lancaster 1-2-3)
    Former interns and companies that have utilized the InternNE Program will talk about how the program has benefitted their company and how internships can help build lasting connections between students and businesses.
    Speakers: Allison Hatch, UNL-Career Services (Moderator); Luke Christiansen, Buildertrend; Jamie Mohrman, Kidwell; Christina Sirek, Flood Digital Network and Maggie Vaughan, Hastings Economic Development Corp.

Download .pdf version of the tentative Governor’s Summit agenda.